For   the   Bride         to   be   this   is   the   most   important         day   of      your   life           Your   Wedding   Day You   have been   planning   this   day   since   you   were   a   little   girl. You've   carefully   planned   every   detail   so   that you,   your   spouse,   family   and   friends   could   enjoy   every   moment   to   its   fullest.   You're   looking your   best,   the   room   is   exquisitely   decorated,   and   the   food   is   absolutely   fabulous...   but   if   the entertainment   is   weak,   no   one   will   remember   anything   except   for   "what   a   boring   wedding   it was!"        Don't    trust    just    ANY    entertainment    company    with    the    fate    of    such    an    important occasion.
At   A   Touch   of   Class   Entertainment ,   we   specialize   in Weddings.    We    have    the    most    engaging,    fun,    and elegantly    polished    DJs,    Emcees    &    Bands    who    are committed    to    the    success    and    outcome    of    your wedding!   We   take   pride   in   helping   to   create   this   big moment   in   your   life,   working   with   your   Photographers, Banquet    Managers    &    Videographers    to    create    a seamless   and   spectacular   occasion   that   everyone   will remember forever. We   work   with   you   to   customize   your   special   day   to surpass   your   expectations,   some   brides   and   grooms want    a    very    elegant    and    formal    wedding    reception, while    others    want    high    energy    and    excitement    with song     and     dance     routines     or     you     may     choose something in between for fun with class   Wedding Entertainment Wedding   entertainment,   when   chosen   correctly,   is   the magic    that    makes    it    all    come    together,    that    adds excitement,   and   style   to   the   event.   A   talented   MC/DJ will   provide   cherished   memories   that   last   a   lifetime. The   bride   and   groom   must   make   entertainment   a   top priority   and   choose   an   entertainer   they   feel   comfortable with.   When   it   comes   to   music,   whether   it   be   a   DJ   or   a live   band,   anyone   can   play   song   after   song,   however, A Touch    of    Class    Entertainment    creates    energy    and excitement    with    class    and    professionalism.    We    are recognized as one of the best DJ companies in Florida   Matching Wedding Entertainment to the Bridal Couple Individual    preferences    vary    greatly.    The    trend    for weddings     today     is     less     traditional,     meaning     that entertainment     choices     may     be     personalized     and unique.    Many    wedding    couples    have    preset    ideas about   the   style   of   entertainment   desired.   Others   seek advice   and   guidance   to   help   them   create   a   spectacular event More    and    more,    entertainers    are    responsible    for incorporating        traditional        moments        into        their performance.   Announcements   such   as   introduction   of the   wedding   couple,   the   first   dance,   cake   cutting,   last song,     and     bouquet     toss     are     most     often     the responsibility   of   the   DJ   or   MC.   A   dynamic   personality, humor,   and   professional   experience   are   important,   and will   help   to   create   your   wedding   an   make   it   an   event   to remember                Ceremony And Cocktail Hour. Some    couples    may    choose    a    violinist,    a    harpist, guitarist   or   a   keyboard   for   the   ceremony   music   or   DJs can provide the prelude and ceremony music You    may    choose    live    entertainment    for    the    cocktail hour.   such   as   steel   drum   or   strolling   guitar   and   horn musicians More    and    more    couples    are    adding    extras    to    their receptions   such   as   uplighting   for   room   ambiance   White leather   VIP Areas,   Photo   booths   Red   Carpets,   or   large screen monitors for video montages, plus much more.   Our Custom Party Packages Include 1 DJ/MC, with a pro sound system, vast music Library, Wireless Mic, & Dance floor Lighting, Add to the fun with some of these extras   Red Carpet & VIP Area White Leather Furniture  Glitter, Air Brush & Flash Tattoos White Leather Black Jack & Casino Games Giant Games such as Jenga, Twister, Connect 4, Operation) Karaoke, NasCrab Crab  Races, Face Painters & Character Actors LED Dance Floors & Stages Plasma Monitors & Projector Screens Unique Indoor & Outdoor Lighting               Pop Corn, Cotton Candy, & Snow Cones Unique Lighting and Furniture And Much More