From   choosing   the   perfect   MC/DJ   or   live   music   to   compliment   your   event,   to   planning   & producing   an   entire   stage   show,   we   will   tailor   an   absolutely   fabulous   performance   to   your              specific    needs    &    requests    At    A    Touch    Of    Class    Entertainment    you    will    get    one-on-one, personal   service   and   attention.   Working   together,   we   create   effective   and   exciting   events which your guests and clients will remember for years to come
We    offer    complete    solutions    for    whatever    type    of corporate   event   you   are   planning   in   Florida      We   cater to    the    Corporate,    Hospitality,    Hotel,    University,    and Nightclub   industries.   Check   out   our   "client   list"   page   for a    list    of    some    of    our    extremely    satisfied    corporate clients.   We   care   of   every   detail   so   that   the   day   of   your event,    you    can    rest    assured    that    everything    will    be handled   smoothly.   Our   customer   services   and   client care   are   second   to   none,   affording   you   complete   trust that    your    events    will    be    handled    with    the    utmost attention and priority.   We cater to every type of event:     Awards Parties     Balls and Galas     Dinner Dances and Black Tie Events     Product launches & Exhibitions     Store Openings     Corporate Holiday Parties     Conferences & Celebrations     Team Building Events     Client Entertainment Events     Trade Fairs and Showcases     Fashion Shows     CD Release Parties     Hotel and restaurant contracts     Festivals & Concerts and more...   Options for Corporate  Entertainment The    type    of    corporate    event    entertainment    that    you choose   will   depend   on   the   type   of   event   that   you   are hosting.    For    small    gatherings    or    elegant    events,    a mellow   musician   or   musical   group   should   be   chosen.   A Touch   Of   Class   Entertainment    offers   many   choices for    these    types    of    events,    including    jazz    musicians, jazz   bands,   or   steel   drums.   You   can   also   choose   from different   solo   artists,   such   as   harpists,   classical   guitar players, and saxophone players. For   larger,   more   upbeat   corporate   events,   you   could choose   a   band   or   DJ   to   provide   music.   Bands   are   great when   you   would   like   to   play   specific   genres   of   music.   If you    would    like    to    get    extremely    specific    with    music choices,     you     can     also     hire     an     impersonator     of performers   such   as   Elton   John   or   Elvis.   DJs   are   best for   events   where   a   variety   of   musical   styles   should   be played.   DJs   also   have   the   ability   to   adapt   their   music   to different situations during events. Sometimes    corporate    event    entertainment    involves more   than   just   the   music   that   is   being   played.   Variety acts    or    entertainers    can    also    be    hired    to    entertain corporate    party    guests.    Some    popular    choices    of entertainers     include     caricature     artists,     magicians, balloon artists, cigar rollers, and dancers. Add to the fun with some of these extras...... Red Carpet & VIP Area White Leather Furniture  Glitter, Air Brush & Flash Tattoos White Leather Black Jack & Casino Games Giant Games such as  Jenga, Twister, Connect 4, Operation) Karaoke, NasCrab Crab  Races, Face Painters & Character Actors LED Dance Floors & Stages Plasma Monitors & Projector Screens Unique Indoor & Outdoor Lighting               Football & Basketball Pop A Shots Pop Corn, Cotton Candy, & Snow Cones Unique Lighting and Furniture And Much More