This   tradition   is   a   very   important   day   in   your   son   or   daughter’s   life   as   well   as   for   the   entire   family. Don't   chance   this   traditional   event   to   just   anyone.   We   will   make   this   celebration   a   cherished   memory for   you,   your   family   and   guest   A   touch   of   class   entertainment   will   interact   with   your   guests   while keeping your child the center of attention.
Sweet 16's *  Bar-Bat Mitzvah's * Quinceaneras
A   Touch   Of   Class   Entertainment    has   been   supplying music   and   entertainment   for   (Teen   Parties)   Such   as Bar   &   Bat   Mitzvahs,   Sweet   Sixteens,   &   Quinceanera for   over   18   years.   Let   us   customize   this   special   day   to meet   and   surpass   your   every   expectation.   Your   MC   will guide   you   and   your   guest   through   the   formalities   that include   but   not   limited   to   introduction,   candle   lighting, the   blessing   changing   of   the   shoe's   and   start   the   party off right with a special first dance. Having   a   DJ   and   a   Master   of   Ceremony   supplying   the games,    lighting    and    party    favors    will    keep    things hopping and the guest of honor in the spotlight.   We   make   sure   that   everyone   has   fun   at   our   events! Both   the   kids   and   the   adults   will   be   entertained   and everyone   will   remember   your   Teen   Event   for   years   to come!   Our   MCs   and   DJs   are   experienced,   energetic, and   current   with   all   of   today's   music   and   trends.   They bring    an    enthusiastic    fresh    attitude    to    relate    to    the teenagers,   and   at   the   same   time,   they   are   all   polished, mature   and   experienced   so   that   they   handle   your   event with the utmost professionalism. Our Custom Party Packages Include 1DJ   and   1MC,   with   a   pro   sound   system,   vast   music Library,     Wireless     Mic,     Dance     floor     Lighting,     Plus Uplighting     (Choice     Of     Color),     Photo     Booth     With Attendant,   Props,   and   flash   Drive   Of   pictures   4   Hours of each       Add to the fun with any of these extras.....  Motivational Dancers Red Carpet & VIP Area White Leather Furniture Glitter, Air Brush & Flash Tattoos White Leather Black Jack & Casino Games Giant Games such as Jenga, Twister, Connect 4, Operation) Karaoke, NasCrab Crab  Races, Face Painters & Character Actors LED Dance Floors & Stages Plasma Monitors & Projector Screens Unique Indoor & Outdoor Lighting               Football & Basketball Pop A Shots Pop Corn, Cotton Candy, & Snow Cones Unique Lighting and Furniture And Much More With   A   Touch   Of   Class   Entertainment,   you   will   be   able to   organize   the   entertainment   that   will   meet   your   every expectation.    You    can    choose    music    selections,    a schedule   of   events,   and   a   theme   that   you   would   like   to use   in   advance.   Our   representatives   and   entertainers will   suggest   traditional   music   selections   for   your   Grand entrance   candle   lighting   ceremony   and   other   important moments.     Of     course,     dance     music     and     festive selections can also be determined in advance Your    Teen    celebration    may    have    a    specific    theme. Some   themes   that   have   been   used   in   the   past   include rock   n'   roll,   sports   teams,   casino   Nights,   sport   themes like     (Golf     &     Tennis),     and     western,     or     television shows/movies    such    as    "Star    Wars,"    "Terminator,"    or "Back   to   the   Future."   You   may   want   to   use   a   movie   or musical   theme   that   is   currently   popular      and   is   enjoyed by    the    guest    of    honor,    We    can    tailor    the    music, decorations,     lighting,     special     effects,     food,     and announcements to match the theme of the party. Many   Teen   Events   have   a   cocktail   hour   prior   to   the reception.    This    gets    the    guests    warmed    up    and provides   them   with   food   and   beverages   that   will   hold them    over    until    dinner    is    served.    Musical    or    non- musical   entertainers   can   be   used   at   this   time.   Some options      of      entertainers      include      balloon      artists, caricature   artists,   magicians,   clowns,   themed   dancers, or    singers.    When    the    actual    reception    begins    our skilled     DJs     and     emcees     will     provide     first-rate entertainment.